The latest on the new Star Trek series!

News ImageDISCOVERY Producers "Begged" CBS to Push Out Date Sep 15, 2016
We were surprised to learn yesterday that STAR TREK: DISCOVERY has been pushed out to a May 2017 start date, after producers Bryan Fuller and Alex Kurtzman decided they would not have enough time to produce a quality product by the planned January debut - and today CBS president Les Moonves weighed in on the scheduling change.

News ImageSTAR TREK: DISCOVERY Sets New Course for May 2017 Sep 14, 2016
Well, after almost a year of build-up to January’s launch of STAR TREK: DISCOVERY on CBS All Access, the broadcaster announced today that the new series will now be leaving spacedock next May - requested by Bryan Fuller and the production team to make sure they don't "compromise the quality" of the new show.

News ImageKirsten Beyer and Nick Meyer Talk DISCOVERY in NYC Sep 03, 2016
At the Mission: New York convention in New York City today, STAR TREK: DISCOVERY writers Kirsten Beyer (ongoing Voyager novelist) and Nick Meyer (writer/director of multiple Trek films) took the stage to discuss the new series.

News ImageAd-Free CBS All Access Subscriptions Now Available Aug 31, 2016
In what feels like a response to many fans’ demands, CBS All Access today launched a second-price-point “ad-free” option to their streaming service, an enhanced subscription which comes at a cost of $9.99/month - and "Star Trek: Discovery" will be available without commercials under this new plan when the show launches next January.

News ImageFuller Delivers New STAR TREK: DISCOVERY Data Aug 28, 2016
It’s been just a few weeks since STAR TREK: DISCOVERY showrunner Bryan Fuller made his first comments to the setting and casting of the upcoming series, and in a new interview last night, Fuller offered up much more on DISCOVERY and some of the behind-the-scenes decisions going into 2017’s new STAR TREK adventure.

News ImageStrange New World: TREK's Global Streaming Plans Aug 18, 2016
Netflix securing international rights to STAR TREK: DISCOVERY was met with understandable grumbles in the US and Canada - but widespread excitement everywhere else. In the past, watching "Star Trek" outside of North America could be an arduous task, but now the tables have turned... but what does that mean for those who are left to CBS All Access?

News ImageFuller on USS DISCOVERY Design 'Evolution' Aug 12, 2016
We know from comments by STAR TREK: DISCOVERY producer Heather Kadin that the design of the new series’ new starship was still undergoing design development, but today showrunner Bryan Fuller spoke a bit more about the nature of the vessel shown in the SDCC teaser.

News ImageNEW: Fuller Reveals STAR TREK DISCOVERY Details Aug 10, 2016
At today’s CBS All Access panel for the Television Critics Association in Los Angeles, showrunner and executive producer Bryan Fuller finally made the first major reveals about next January’s new Star Trek series - including the timeline placement and first info on the primary character of the series.