The latest on the new Star Trek series!

News ImageNew Previews of Tonight's "Vaulting Ambition" Jan 21, 2018
Ahead of this evening’s newest STAR TREK: DISCOVERY episode, “Vaulting Ambition,” a few new images from the set have made their way online, along with two short clips from the next chapter of the Discovery Mirror Universe story.

News ImageMore Industry Award Noms for DISCOVERY Jan 19, 2018
Last week’s Costume Designers Guild nomination for designer Gersha Phillips was only the first of several industry awards naming STAR TREK: DISCOVERY as a contender, with four more organizations calling out the new show for inclusion for upcoming awards this week.

News ImageNew Photos from DISCOVERY's "Vaulting Ambition" Jan 18, 2018
Last week’s rousing adventure in the Mirror Universe continues in this Sunday’s newest STAR TREK: DISCOVERY episode, “Vaulting Ambition,” and CBS today has released several new photographs from the upcoming episode — featuring the Emperor of the Terran Empire, Phillipa Georgiou (Michelle Yeoh) in all her might.

News ImageREVIEW: "The Wolf Inside" Jan 16, 2018
As the twists and turns of Michael Burnham and her crew's time in the Mirror Universe continue to unfold, we review the latest episode of STAR TREK: DISCOVERY, "The Wolf Inside."

News ImageDSC Episode 111 Spoiler Discussion Jan 14, 2018
You've just watched DISCOVERY's latest episode, "The Wolf Inside" -- so come on into our spoiler discussion thread and share your thoughts on the latest hour of the series!

News ImageSPOILERS: Familiar Aliens in "The Wolf Inside" Jan 14, 2018
We’re just a few hours away from STAR TREK: DISCOVERY's eleventh episode, and while they were teased in the preview for tonight’s new episode — “The Wolf Inside” — Entertainment Weekly has now released a set of new photos featuring the return of some very familiar "Star Trek" alien species.

News ImageDISCOVERY Canon Connections: Episode 110 Jan 13, 2018
From the classic STAR TREK series to the final year of STAR TREK: ENTERPRISE, this week's episode of STAR TREK: DISCOVERY connects to events from the entire range of the franchise -- read up on what you may have missed from "Despite Yourself" as our Canon Connections series continues!

News ImageNew Photos from DISCOVERY's "The Wolf Inside" Jan 11, 2018
The second half of STAR TREK: DISCOVERY's first season marches on, and today CBS has released a set of new publicity images from the eleventh episode of the year, this Sunday’s “The Wolf Inside” — plus some behind-the-scenes shots of director Jonathan Frakes on the set of "Despite Yourself."