The latest on the new Star Trek series!

News ImageDISCOVERY Novel "Drastic Measures" Cover Revealed Nov 17, 2017
The second "Star Trek: Discovery" novel is coming in February from author Dayton Ward, set 10 years before the series centering around the crisis at Tarsus IV. Check out the synopsis if you missed last month's announcement, review the cover art, and place your preorder now!

News ImageDISCOVERY Canon Connections: Episodes 108 & 109 Nov 16, 2017
It's the last pair of STAR TREK: DISCOVERY episodes for 2017, and to cap of the first half of the season, we take a look at the Trek canon connections our sensors have picked up in "Si Vis Pacem, Para Bellum" and "Into the Forest I Go."

News ImageDISCOVERY Composer "Working On" Soundtrack Release Nov 15, 2017
STAR TREK: DISCOVERY composer Jeff Russo has gotten a lot of praise for his score for the series, and many soundtrack aficionados among the Trek fan community have been wondering if we’ll get his Discovery music available for purchase -- and while it's still early in development, that answer is yes!

News ImageREVIEW: "Into the Forest I Go" Nov 14, 2017
STAR TREK: DISCOVERY warps into the winter hiatus with the conclusion of its first chapter, "Into the Forest I Go," as Michael Burnham deals a decisive blow to the Klingon Empire, and Paul Stamets rides the spore drive into near oblivion in a daring maneuver to win the war for Starfleet.

News ImageDISCOVERY Dialect Coach on Teaching Klingon Nov 13, 2017
Montréal-based voice and dialect coach Rea Nolan has been helping out the STAR TREK: DISCOVERY cast all season – from helping British actors Jason Isaacs and Shazad Latif dial in their American accents, to working with Ken Mitchell and Mary Chieffo to master the art of the Klingon language – and recently she had a nice conversation with CBC Radio about her role teaching Klingon pronunciation.

News ImageDISCOVERY Season 2 Prep Starting Today Nov 13, 2017
The first chapter of STAR TREK: DISCOVERY ended last night, with the second half of Season One continuing in January, but the team behind the series is already gearing up to start early work on the second season of the show.

News ImageDSC Episode 109 Spoiler Discussion Nov 12, 2017
You've just watched DISCOVERY's latest episode, "Into the Forest I Go" -- so come on into our spoiler discussion thread and share your thoughts on the latest hour of the series!

News ImageNew Preview Clip of DISCOVERY Fall Finale Nov 12, 2017
We’re only hours away from the fall finale of STAR TREK: DISCOVERY, and we've got a new a preview clip from “Into the Forest I Go.” As Lorca motivates the crew of the Discovery for the upcoming battle with Kol’s vessel, Stamets and Tilly prepare to supercharge the spore drive… with both Culber and Stamets himself looking worried about what their actions may do to the engineer.