The latest on the new Star Trek series!

News ImageDISCOVERY Canon Connections: Episode 115 Feb 19, 2018
We wrap up our STAR TREK: DISCOVERY Canon Connections series for the year with a look at "Will You Take My Hand?," the season finale!

News ImageToyFair: McFarlane TREK Figures, DISCOVERY Phaser Feb 18, 2018
In our new report -- full of photos and video coverage! -- we catch up with McFarlane Toys at ToyFair in NYC to get the latest looks at their 7-inch STAR TREK figures, and go hands-on with their STAR TREK: DISCOVERY phaser prototype!

News ImageToyFair: Gentle Giant's DISCOVERY Mini Ships Feb 17, 2018
First announced late Friday night, Gentle Giant Toys’ STAR TREK: DISCOVERY Fleet Flyer starship miniatures made their real-world debut at Toy Fair 2018 in New York City today, where we got a close look at these not-quite-finished prototype designs.

News ImageToyFair: Round2 Reveals New STAR TREK Model Kits Feb 17, 2018
We’re continuing our coverage of Toy Fair 2018 here in New York City by checking out Round2 Corp. — parent company to perennial Star Trek model lines AMT and Polar Lights — and what they’ve got on the docket for the upcoming year.

News ImageToyFair: New Trio of DISCOVERY Badges from QMx Feb 17, 2018
ToyFair 2018 kicked off today in New York City, and our team is on site checking out all that’s new in Star Trek merchandise for the year to come -- and first up, we check out a new expansion of STAR TREK: DISCOVERY badges that we're sure a few of you have been waiting for!

News ImageNew 'Fleet Flyer' DISCOVERY Toys Announced Feb 17, 2018
Gentle Giant Studios, a company which specializes in 3D scanning and prototype construction, first came onto the Star Trek scene back in the summer of 2017 with their recreation of the Klingon Torchbearer seen at San Diego Comic Con. Now the company is launching a subdivision called Gentle Giant Toys, and included in their first wave of new products are a set of Discovery model ships called “Fleet Flyers.”

News ImageMoonves Talks CBS Streaming Success in New Report Feb 15, 2018
CBS held their end-of-2017 corporate earnings call today with media and investors, where company CEO Les Moonves recapped the year in CBS business news and spoke about the current status of CBS All Access and Showtime streaming platforms, both beating company projections in subscriber expansion.

News ImageHead to Qo'noS in New DSC Behind-the-Scenes Video Feb 14, 2018
Star Trek: Discovery wrapped filming on Season 1 back on October 11, and today CBS has released a new behind-the-scenes video from that final day of shooting at Pinewood Studios in Toronto.