The latest on the new Star Trek series!

News ImagePREORDER: "Desperate Hours," DISCOVERY Novel #1! Jun 27, 2017
Trek author David Mack's first STAR TREK: DISCOVERY tie-in novel is set for a September release - much like the new series headed to television this fall - and you can preorder "Desperate Hours" today to have it ready to read after you watch the show premiere!

News ImageFrakes Directing DISCOVERY S1 Episode Jun 27, 2017
Good news for those of who have been hoping to get one of the Trek family behind the camera — STAR TREK: TNG actor and prolific television director Jonathan Frakes will beam up to Toronto to direct one of STAR TREK: DISCOVERY's first season episodes.

News ImageDISCOVERY Filming in 2:1 'Cinematic' Aspect Ratio Jun 26, 2017
Over the past five decades, we’ve seen STAR TREK appear in traditional television aspect ratios, widescreen upon the arrival of ENTERPRISE, and of course, in cinematic widescreen in the films – but revealed today is another new look coming with STAR TREK: DISCOVERY.

News ImageJason Isaacs Gets His DISCOVERY Lifecast Jun 24, 2017
Up in Toronto, production on STAR TREK: DISCOVERY continues – and actor Jason Isaacs (Capt. Gabriel Lorca) shared a less-than-glamorous part of working on a science fiction series: getting a lifecast made in the DISCOVERY makeup department.

News ImageProducers Hint to DISCOVERY's Season 1 Storyline Jun 23, 2017
STAR TREK: DISCOVERY producers Aaron Harberts and Gretchen Berg continue to share more about the upcoming series, as a new interview reveals new hints towards Season One's storyline - as well as relaxing that old no-conflict 'Roddenberry Rule' that constricted Trek writers in the past.

News ImageBeam Up to the USS Shenzhou in New DISCOVERY Photo Jun 22, 2017
This certainly is STAR TREK: DISCOVERY week, as yet another look ahead to this fall’s television revival arrived from CBS today- and this time, it’s to a brand new take on a classic Trek technology: the transporter room!

News ImageMartin-Green on DISCOVERY's Diversity Critics Jun 22, 2017
Since the first rumors about the STAR TREK: DISCOVERY's casting and characters began to rise in 2016, some fringe critics of the series have cried foul about the “emphasis” on diversity among the on-screen crew, from gender to race to sexual orientation – and now series lead Sonequa Martin-Green has now made her first public statements on the matter.

News ImageJason Isaacs in First STAR TREK: DISCOVERY Photo Jun 21, 2017
The STAR TREK: DISCOVERY news keeps dropping this week as we’ve got our first look at actor Jason Isaacs in Starfleet uniform! Revealed this afternoon, the English actor makes his Trek debut as Captain Gabriel Lorca, commander of the USS Discovery, “considered a brilliant military tactician.”