The latest on the new Star Trek series!

News ImageOUT TODAY: "Chapter 1" DISCOVERY Soundtrack! Dec 15, 2017
Jeff Russo's first "Star Trek: Discovery" soundtrack is available for digital download today, so if you're in the mood for an hour of new music from the 23rd Century, follow this link to get your own copy from the Amazon MP3 store. If you prefer iTunes, you can find the soundtrack here for US residents:

News ImageNew DISCOVERY Photos, Soundtrack Preview Released Dec 14, 2017
"Star Trek: Discovery" won't be back until early January, but today promotion for the series continues as several new photos from the filming of "Chapter 1" arrive, as well as a preview of composer Jeff Russo's first soundtrack release which becomes available tomorrow.

News ImageFinal DISCOVERY Season 1 Titles Revealed Dec 13, 2017
We’ve still got a few weeks to go until STAR TREK: DISCOVERY returns for the final half of its first season, but today CBS rolled out the names of the last six episodes of the year for us to ponder over in the meantime!

News ImagePREORDER: "Fear Itself," DISCOVERY's 3rd Novel Dec 12, 2017
PREORDER: The third "Star Trek: Discovery" novel, FEAR ITSELF, coming in June from author James Swallow, centering around Saru in the days during his posting on the USS Shenzhou. Lock in your preorder now!

News ImageStamets, Culber Headline in IDW’s DISCOVERY Annual Dec 12, 2017
IDW Publishing’s first run of Star Trek: Discovery comics is ongoing now, and today they announced that this spring, a special 48-page Annual release will be coming, centered around the backstories of Lt. Paul Stamets and Dr. Hugh Culber -- plus, the "series finale" of BOLDLY GO?

News ImageDISCOVERY's Next Novel is "Fear Itself" in June Dec 08, 2017
STAR TREK: DISCOVERY's ongoing tie-in novel series, which began in September with "Desperate Hours" and continues in February’s "Drastic Measures," has been extended to a third entry — author James Swallow will bring fans the Saru-centric "Fear Itself," headed for bookstores in June.

News ImageInterview: DISCOVERY Composer Jeff Russo Dec 08, 2017
Ahead of his first STAR TREK: DISCOVERY soundtrack release -- coming next week! -- we catch up with series composer Jeff Russo to talk about his work scoring the season so far, choosing tracks for the new music collection, and more about his work on DISCOVERY!

News ImagePreorder: DISCOVERY S1 Soundtrack (Digital) Dec 08, 2017
Can't wait to get your own copy of Jeff Russo's STAR TREK: DISCOVERY score from the first half of the season? Lock in your preorder now for the "Season 1, Chapter 1" soundtrack on digital download, going live for listening on December 15!